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Lots of People Get Tax Relief

The tax code is REALLY complicated. So many Americans end up in a situation where we owe more to the IRS than we can afford to pay. Lots of people end up with big debts to the IRS. Now you’re in a really tough situation – because the IRS is the world’s most powerful collection agency. They can do some scary things like seize your home or bank accounts, garnish your wages, and a bunch of other things that no other collection agency can do. Your options often look something like this: pay the amount in full, or, pay it back over time with BIG interest and penalties. Who can help you? NTCG can.

Tax Relief May Be The Best Option

Do you feel stressed? Overwhelmed? That’s where we come in. We do this every single day, sending in our licensed professionals and problem solvers to make sure our clients are protected. We’ve got a two-phase tax relief program that beats anything else in the industry, where we (phase 1) put out any temporary fires, and (phase 2) prepare you for the best possible outcome. And guess what? We LOVE doing this. We’re real human beings, who enjoy helping other human beings when they need us the most. So if you’re scared, and don’t know what to do, check in with us.




Free evaluation
Give us a call and we can discuss with you the specific actions to take.

Protect your assets
IRS contact to stop all action and case assignment to an IRS Specialist for review and research.

File all Necessary Documents
Resolve all tax issues with your needs and assets as our priority 

Case Completion
Full resolution and compliance.

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