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Millions of Americans owe back taxes for a multitude of reasons and we understand that. We work with individuals and business owners alike that have been in situations where their personal life may have prevented them from filing on time or even at all and that is certainly understandable. We are here to assist in getting you back on track and off the radar of the federal and state tax authorities and to ensure a favorable outcome for you. At National Tax Credit Group our philosophy is to treat all of our clients with the utmost care and respect, with professional integrity and confidentiality. We hold your satisfaction to the highest priority and you can be rest assured that you decision to choose us for your tax resolution will be a positive one.

The professionals at National Tax Credit Group are experienced in settling tax issues.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced to deal with all tax issues, personal and business, and our knowledge of tax code as well as how to deal with IRS and State tax collections agents is unparalleled. We employ staff that is licensed with the IRS as Enrolled Agents, certified to represent clients with tax issues in front of the IRS for proper representation. Any contact made with the IRS on your behalf with be with a licensed Enrolled Agent whose sole responsibility is to keep your interests in mind while pursuing the most beneficial outcome in you case. All communication with the IRS must be made through our agents to ensure your interests are fully protected and you get the best representation available. The IRS and State have highly trained collection departments to pursue you and do not have your best interest in mind. WE DO! You can be rest assured that with National Tax Credit Group, you will get the help you need and deserve.

Resolve your Tax Issues and get help Today.

We are here to solely help our clients and represent them. We do only tax resolution and nothing else and every tax situation is different. We know this and rest easy that you case will be handled as aggressively as all others. But it is key to never speak to the IRS unless you have a proper representation to help you. We will be your professional representative and you will only need to deal with us from now on. No more being afraid of saying the wrong thing. We have your BACK! National Tax Credit Group  is licensed to represent you on all matters with the Internal Revenue Service and all state and local agencies and we will fight for our clients best interests in every case.

Rapid Action. Wise Results.

We start on your case DAY ONE! After speaking to a tax technician and having your case assigned to an Enrolled Agent, we will start working immediately to stop any pending or present actions against you. And we can guarantee you that you will save money and reduce the stress that IRS collections brings on. Read our testimonials of all the people we have helped. 

Accuracy. Integrity. Effective! Affordable, Rapid Resolution!